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Data Processing / Enrichment Platform

In todays' fast paced business, the need for flexible, scalable and fast paced process implementation is imperative.

Quantum Stem, a framework housing data processes and data enrichment, was conceptualised in 2011 and through an arduous development process and procedural design pattern implementations we are proud to have achieved this momentous milestone.

QuantumStem not only offers a platform for independant data process providers and enrichment providers to plug in available modules, but also offers our customer the freedom of becoming a community member, which in essence is the sharing of enriched data at a significantly reduced cost.

Our platform has been brutally tested and our scalability achieved through the use of cleverly designed process management servers capable of processing batch data and accumulating result sets faster and more accurately than the history of the industry has proven.

Identity Number Processing
- Ensure a valid Id Number
- Derived Gender

Contact Number Processing
- Validate number (length)
- Ensure prefix placement

Case Correction Processor
- Ensure data formatting correctness - Correct titles / afrikaans names

Duplicate Processor
- Check existence of duplicates on any field within a dataset

Data Enrichment Processor
- Personal Information
- Contact Information
- Address Information
- Indicator Information

GeoCode Processor
- GeoCode information based upon address information supplied

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