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Data Cleaning / Enrichment

Quantum Stem
A modular framework for data cleaning and enrichment processes.
Community network enablement for massively reduced enrichment of data costs.
Server farm processing of data to ensure continuity and reduced wait times.

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Database Design / analysis

One of the most fundamental oversights in today's ever emerging solution design is the foundation. Without a well thought-out structure and adaptability, applications and data extracts can perform not only poorly, but inadequately

We have a wealth of experience in designing structurally sound, scalable databases. Working primarily with Microsoft SQL Server since 2000 and continually moving ahead with the upgrades, we have kept abreast with new possibilities.

Being involved in a diversity of requirements, we have found that our analytical approach to data has become one of our strongest talents and can quickly and effectively highlite problems or potential problems within a wide range of data structures and sources.